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Why get a bicycle insurance quote

Bicycles and bikes are a common target for thieves these days with over 439,000 cycles being reported stolen each and every year. Even worse is that over 26,000 cyclists are involved in accidents each year with 2,240 killed or seriously injured on Britain's roads each year so you can see why insurance is needed and a good idea.

Insurance for bikes and cycles is now available from a large number of UK insurers. A policy will cover your bicycle for practical purposes such as travelling to work, for leisure, fitness, riding and more and protects you against theft, damage or even accidents.

Bicyle and bike insurance can protect your bike and fixed accessories against accidental damage and theft anywhere in the UK.

Some insurance policies will replace bikes of up to three years old with a new replacement (in the event of a total loss).

Cycle Insurance Can Cover You From:
  • Loss or damage
  • New for old
  • Replacement hire
  • Emergency recovery
  • European use
  • Personal accident
  • Public liability
Even if you only use your cycle at the weekends, it’s well worth getting a bicycle insurance quote from a specialist insurance company. Many people mistakenly think their bike is automatically covered by their household insurance policy. While you may have some cover, it may not be enough to replace your bike if you were to damage it irreparably or have it stolen. Not surprisingly London is the worst area for bike theft.

Bike cover can start from less than £20 a year so its well worth considering.
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